Power Rangers: Too much advertisement, not enough depth

The Power Rangers have returned to the big screen with their latest sequel starring five new superheroes: Trini, Kimberly, Jason, Billy and Zack. The film features plenty of over-the-top ass-kicking scenes with the Rangers fighting against a former Green Ranger gone rogue, but the overall reboot lacks depth.

Throughout the movie “Power Rangers,” a group of high school teenagers, try to save Angel Grove after their nemesis, Rita Repulsa, vows to destroy their hometown if she doesn’t capture the Earth’s Zeo Crystal.

Don’t get me wrong; I like the teamwork, diversity and inclusivity of the movie. The director Dean Israelite went above and beyond to be politically correct by featuring black, white, Asian and Latin characters.

The movie made international headlines because it features the first openly gay superhero and covers social issues such as mental illness, poverty, and LGBT awareness. To be fair, the film touches on these issues but fails to go in-depth about them.

Instead, product placement was all over our faces. Krispy Kreme is an awesome brand, but why was it part of the movie’s plot?  The Zeo Crysal didn’t need to be inside of a Krispy Kreme, that was tacky.

The film could’ve sent a powerful message by shedding light on social issues that truly matter while fighting against evil, but instead their storyline is centered on promotional gimmicks, such as Krispy Kreme.

The Power Rangers movie was too cheesy, unexciting and predictable and to top it off it was a walking advertising trying to appeal to millennials so I give it a three-star rating.