Let’s Taco-Bout It

The tacos at Chachos in downtown San Jose are a cheap and delicious treat that come with over 10 different meat options.
The tacos at Chachos in downtown San Jose are a cheap and delicious treat that come with over 10 different meat options.

Tacos are a delicious treat that pack a strong punch, depending on how adventurous you’re willing to get with the salsa. San Jose has a lot to offer when it comes to food, and trying to find the right taco spot can be challenging considering there’s a taqueria on almost every corner. The ultimate places to grab a taco are Tacolicious, Chacho’s or Tacomania. They’ll have you asking when can we come back?

Tacolicious is the best place to enjoy delicious tacos with a view. Located in beautiful Santana Row, these tacos might put a dent in your wallet but are worth every penny. Tacolicious has a simple and straight forward menu making it easy to order. Their tacos cost about $5 each and you can buy four for $17.95. The food comes out uniquely garnished, with a variety of salsas to choose from. Be cautious of the yellow salsa because it will have even spicy food lovers looking for water.

Tacolicious has a variety of different beverages, from fun cocktails to traditional Mexican drinks. It makes for a great place to socialize while enjoying decadent food. The only thing needing improvement is the service, as it’s a bit slow and unorganized. Despite the service it’s definitely a place to try, and if you’re craving something sweet, give the churros a try. Tacolicious gives even the best taco trucks or restaurants a run for their money.

Nestled in the heart of downtown San Jose, Chacho’s Mexican restaurant stands out not only for it’s hot pink aesthetic but for its fun Taco Tuesdays. Chacho’s has an extensive menu but what keeps the crowds coming back are their tacos. They offer 12 different kinds of tacos, from traditional carne asada or al pastor to vegetarian soy chorizo tacos.

Chacho’s is a lively place. Their creative mixed drinks also make for an enjoyable time. On Tuesdays their tacos cost only $1, it doesn’t get better than that. The tacos are small but they add up, and at with thier cheap cost only $1 each, the possibilities are endless. Tacolicious may have the perfect location, but it’s hard to compete with Chacho’s prices and flavor. Throughout the week, groups of people flock to Chachos for a good time and of course the tacos.

We can’t talk about tacos without mentioning traditional taco trucks. If you’re looking for a quick place to grab a bite, Tacomania is the right place to go. They have a nice eating area, fully stocked with flavorful salsas and tortilla chips. However, Tacomania is not your ordinary taco truck, it’s contemporary and up to date. Tacomania even works with door-dash and UberEats so you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to enjoy their food.

All three locations offer tacos you can’t resist, but the crown goes to Chacho’s. Not only are the tacos delicious, but their prices are unbeatable. Even when it’s not happy hour the prices are reasonable. The drinks and the atmosphere are very refreshing after a long day. Although Chacho’s takes first place, Tacolicious is still a great place to go if you’re craving a refined Mexican Restaurant, and Tacomania is the perfect casual location. Either way, any of these restaurants will not disappoint.