Beauty And The Beast Review

Beauty and the Beast brings its characters to life with Emma Watson portraying Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast. As most people know, Belle is held prisoner by the Beast in his enchanted castle. They eventually begin to win each others affections which breaks the spell.

Emma Watson was able to capture Belle’s wit and kindness to perfection. She added her own flair but stayed true to the essence of the character. All the actors chosen to portray the iconic characters had great chemistry onscreen.

Luke Evans as Gaston is a notable mention, and Josh Gad brings the humor as LeFou. Both characters had more leeway to make the characters their own which they took full advantage of. Evans and Gad had clever one-liners that could make even the Beast smile, or maybe that’s a stretch. 

The film didn’t make many changes to the story found in the original Disney film, but did add some jokes that only an older audience would understand. So there wasn’t much to dislike, if you’re a fan of the Disney version.

Composer Alan Menken’s music in the film also took center stage, having everyone internally singing along. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an adult or child it’s hard resist a Disney fairytale, especially when it a satisfying recreation. It’s always exciting seeing an animated movie come to life, especially one as renowned as Beauty and the Beast.