Aftermath of the San Jose flood

San Jose City Mayor, Sam Liccardo, listens to the testimonies of some of the victims that were affected by the San Jose flood.
San Jose City Mayor, Sam Liccardo, listens to the testimonies of some of the victims that were affected by the San Jose flood.

Thousands of San Jose residents are seeking help after the recent catastrophic flood left them empty-handed in February.

The storms caused the historic flooding of Coyote Creek, which impacted many San Jose residents who weren’t alerted about the possible flooding until the water reached their homes.

City of San Jose officials have accepted responsibility for not giving adequate and timely notice to San Jose residents and businesses about the potential flooding of Coyote Creek and the need to evacuate.

The Santa Clara Valley Water District that is responsible for flood control on streams throughout the county said they are working with the government at the federal and state levels, as well as with the City Council, to determine what improvements can be made to prevent this type of flooding from happening in the future.

Victims are expecting monetary compensation to cover possessions that were lost during the flood. The flood resulted in no deaths, but left severe destruction.

San Jose resident Pedro Romero lives in one of the three neighborhoods that were affected by the flooding and claims his residency has close to $100,000 in property damage.

“For a disaster like this you aren’t prepare for it,” Romero said. “I am just trying to apply to the relief fund so we can move on and move forward.”

Damages from the Coyote Creek flooding in San Jose are estimated to be over $100 million according to a City Council report.

Currently the San Jose Flood Victims Relief Fund has $6,218,765 thanks in large part to the generosity of Vietnamese billionaire Kieu Hoang, who donated $5 million in the beginning of April.

The Silicon Valley Community Foundation will distribute the funds to nonprofits, such as Catholic Charities, Sacred Heart, the American Red Cross of Santa Clara County and The Salvation Army.

Some of the money has already reached flood victims like San Jose resident Ann Clark who lost all her possessions due to the flooding that engulfed her apartment near the Rock Spring neighborhood.

“I received some compensation from the American Red Cross to cover the items that I lost,” Clark said.

In order to receive funds from the San Jose Flood Victims Relief Fund, residents have to complete the intake and registration process at the Local Assistance Center inside the Sihirakawa Community Center.