1 Oz Coffee

The coffee served at 1 Oz comes from the Vertigo Coffee Roasters company based in San Juan Bautista.
The coffee served at 1 Oz comes from the Vertigo Coffee Roasters company based in San Juan Bautista.

One ounce is not only the base measurement of espresso for all espresso-based coffee drinks, it is also the name of a new coffee shop hidden at 3051 Tasman Drive.

1 Oz Coffee is a mobile espresso bar that was started in 2012 by Yulia Kolchanova, a mother of two and a self-proclaimed coffee addict.  

It all began as a catering business for private or corporate events that also provided coffee tastings and espresso and latte art training. The business mainly did pop-up events, but had an opportunity to open its first permanent location in May 2016.

“We catered for an open house that had a lot of designers,” Kolchanova said. “They [designers] wanted to make a coffee shop and proposed the idea to us.”

Unlike other coffee shops located in busy downtown areas or plazas with a lot of passersby, the 1 Oz Coffee shop is tucked between some brand new business buildings – half occupied, the other half completely vacant.

The building’s architecture is very modern looking with wood panelling and sleek gray tiles. There are no walls on the structure, giving the area an open and welcoming atmosphere.

“I think the design really complements our coffee,” Kolchanova said.

Kolchanova said she originally preferred a shop downtown, but she knew she could not have a lot of open space with that kind of location. With the current venue being so open, Kolchanova said it feels more relaxing and comfortable – especially since she is a mother and can work yet keep an eye on her children at the same time.

With mostly outdoor seating, the 1 Oz coffee shop is the perfect place to go hang out with good company as the weather begins to warm up. There are many different sitting areas to choose from, such as high tables with high chairs, comfy outdoor sofas with small coffee tables in front of them and an assortment of wooden benches shaded by umbrellas.

The menu is fairly small, which is a good thing for those who do not like having too many options. They have a coffee section, a tea section and a dessert section to choose from.  

Their coffee menu has the basics: macchiato, americano, latte, mocha and pour overs. As for their teas, they have earl gray, herbal, jasmine pearls and apricot brandy. Their pastries and cookies come from Satura Cakes, a high-end bakery from Los Altos.

1 Oz Coffee also sells coffee beans by the bag. Vertigo Coffee Roasters is their most common coffee bean supplier and is what they use for all their coffee drinks. Vertigo Coffee Roasters is a micro roaster from San Juan Bautista, roasting coffee in small batches twice a week.

And for those who do not feel like having coffee or tea, delicious hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows is a tasty alternative.  And not only do hot coffee drinks get latte art, the hot chocolates are adorned with pretty design if you order them “for here” as well.

If you are looking for a place to hang out with friends on a sunny day with some nice scenery, give 1 Oz Coffee a try.