St. Patricks Day Parade

A couple sits and enjoys a bite during the St. Patrick's Day parade in Sacramento.
A couple sits and enjoys a bite during the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Sacramento.

The St. Patricks Day parade in Old Sacramento is one of the largest parades in Northern California. It’s only a two hour trip from San Jose and will definitely be worth the drive. It’s a great place to go with family and enjoy an entertaining afternoon without crazy bar hoppers. The parade has a fun ambiance that has kept the crowds coming back as the parade celebrates its 21st year.

The parade began promptly at 1 p.m. with Irish bag-pipe players marching through Old Sacramento. The traditional music set the perfect tone for the rest of the parade. It also incorporated some jazz musicians which were integrated nicely. There was something for everyone to enjoy. Not even the rain could dampen the mood as it began to sprinkle during the end of the parade.

“It was my first time at the parade and my kids loved it,” Veronica Garcia said. “I will certainly be back next year with more of my family. It was a well orchestrated parade with lots of activities for people of all ages.”

One of the fun things about parades is being able to indulge in the food. Of course some options may not be the healthiest, but who can turn down some delicious hot dogs and hamburgers. If that doesn’t seem appetizing, Old Sac is full of different kinds of restaurants. There are upscale bistros, Italian restaurants and traditional Irish pubs if you want to stay in the St. Patricks Day spirit. Lets not forget about dessert. There’s no better way to end a meal than with some ice cream.

Once the parade was over the entertainment was still flowing in. There were singers, guitar players and even ventriloquists around the shops. As you strolled through Old Sac there were activities going on at each corner. Parade goers were dressed in various forms of festive attire. People weren’t scared of their outfits being outside the box, arriving in an all green attires and a variety of colorful hats.

“I always look forward to St. Patricks parade,” Josh Sanders said. “I have been coming for several years now and it’s always a good time. I like to pay tribute to my Irish heritage and also grab a beer or two with my friends.”

Irish flags proudly wave in the air, but people of all races join in to celebrate St. Patricks Day. There is a lot to enjoy, from good music and entertainment to delicious food. So if you weren’t able to make it out this time, theres always next year.