Meals on Wheels

The "Monster Burrito" is filled with lobster and salmon and is a popular item from the We2 Sushi food truck.
The “Monster Burrito” is filled with lobster and salmon and is a popular item from the We2 Sushi food truck.

Food truck vendors changed the modern foodie game back in 2008 in Los Angeles, bringing everyone’s favorite dishes from various cuisines around the world into a mobile business.

The organization called Off the Grid began with an idea to bring people together by grouping street food vendors in one area back in June 2010. Since then, they currently operate more than 50 weekly public events throughout the Bay Area.

Every Thursday at 5 p.m., Off the Grid hosts a food truck rally in Sunnyvale off of Lawrence Expressway. The parking spots? Many. The entrance fee? Free.

There were a total of nine food trucks, showcasing a variety of foods from Asian fusion cuisines like sushi burritos to traditional barbecue ribs and pulled pork sandwiches.

Not only were there a variety of food choices, there were also a variety of people of all ages and ethnicities gathering in one location to enjoy delicious grub.

The most popular food trucks of the night were HuLa Truck, We2 Sushi and Sodacraft.

The HuLa Truck menu brings “Pacific Island flavor with a NorCal twist,” showcasing dishes that contain Hawaiian street foods mixed with Filipino delicacies, e.g. adobo omelettes and kalua pork sliders.

Their “Boom Plate” consists of lechon kawali, a Filipino crispy pork belly, served on top of a bed of papaya salad. Although the meat of the lechon kawali was very tender, the abundant amount of random mint leaves in the papaya salad was very distracting for my taste buds. 

We2 Sushi operates out of a bright baby pink truck which is definitely hard to miss. Their menu has an array of Japanese foods such as sushi rolls, bento boxes and some fun fusion dishes like vegan sushi burritos.

Their prices are decent for massive portions of high-quality seafood. Their lobster fries cost only $7 and are definitely a bang for your buck. The “Monster Burrito” filled with lobster and salmon was very rich, but the mixed spring veggies inside the roll didn’t complement the seafood very well.

Lastly for dessert, Sodacraft provides a bunch of snacks like fresh popcorn with fun flavors such as sriracha lime and cinnamon sugar. They also have a small assortment of gelato flavors.

Their main attraction are their handcrafted Italian sodas made with fresh fruit and organic cane sugar. At $5 a pop, the soda’s light, crisp and refreshing taste is well worth the money.

Off the Grid had a fun and welcoming atmosphere, with music blasting through giant speakers to make the event feel more casual.

Speaking of casual, the seating arrangements are just simple black folding chairs. Don’t expect any tables because there are none. Thankfully, the chairs can easily be made into a makeshift table if you’re not satisfied.

If you have nothing to do on a Friday night, or any other day of the week and are looking for an adventure while wanting to try new food, I highly recommend going to this food truck event.

It’s a great place to explore alone or with family and friends. Make sure to check out Off the Grid’s website to see their schedule and find a day and time where you can experience this food truck rally for yourself.