The Touring Olympians: Visiting San Jose

San Jose hosted the Olympic Trials and on Sunday, the Olympians were welcomed back. The Final Five traveled from talk shows to meet and greets, and other public appearances once the Olympics were over. Now they are on a tour, traveling to 36 cities to give fans a taste of the Olympic experience.

America’s women’s gymnastics team was victorious in the 2016 Olympics in Rio. The team received a gold medal for women’s team all-around, and four out of the five athletes also received additional medals.

Madison Kocian won silver on uneven bars, Laurie Hernandez earned silver on beam and Aly Raisman took home silver for both her floor routine and individual all-around. Simone Biles demolished the competition by taking a bronze medal on beam and gold medals on floor, vault and individual all-around. The USA women’s gymnastics team was successful at the Rio Olympics, but what do these athletes do once they come home?

Sunday’s Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions in San Jose, California, included the acrobatics team, rhythmic team, men’s gymnastics team, the trampoline team and of course the Olympic gold medalist women’s gymnastics team.

The tour also incorporated younger kids, audience members and previous team members such as Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin. The athletes were able to showcase their skills and aimed to inspire young athletes to work hard to achieve their dreams.

The opening act showcased young gymnasts who aspire to compete in the Olympics. During the show, Laurie Hernandez brought a young gymnast from the audience, along with Simone Biles and previous team member and gold medalist Jordyn Wieber, to teach the young fan how to perform a backflip.

Despite the incredible performances from the Final Five ladies, the men’s gymnastics’ team stole the show with their skills on the rings, floor and pommel horse. They performed multiple times, showing off their strength and endurance. The men also let loose and highlighted their trampoline and breakdancing skills.

The show incorporated many forms of gymnastics in a tasteful and artistic manner. At a regular gymnastics meet, there are no extravagant lights or songs with words in them. This show broke the rules of gymnastics, allowing the athletes to give their fans an entertaining performance, without the pressure of judges watching their every move. The tour will continue to Arizona, Texas, Nebraska and more states.